Examining the psychological effects of breathwork in patients with chronic migraine

The project is being carrier out by Sajal Porwal, an MSc Health Psychology student at King’s College London.

What is the purpose of the project?

We understand that chronic migraine can be a debilitating condition. People living with chronic migraine often look for strategies to help manage the impact of their migraine. The purpose of this project is to explore whether a home-based breathwork intervention has potential to improve wellbeing and the way people feel about their migraines.

What is involved?

We will ask people to practise a 5-minute breathing exercise every day for 28-days. We will also ask people to complete a brief questionnaire and take body measurements (breathing rate and resting heart rate).

Find out more

If you would like more information then please contact Sajal Porwal sajal.porwal@kcl.ac.uk