How to get help with your migraine

Here’s who can help you

There are people who can help you with your migraine.

They can help you when you are having a migraine.

They can do things to help you not have migraine too.

Your family

Your mum, dad, and those caring for you will want to stop your pain.

They want to help you.

But they need to know about your migraine first.

Your teacher

Your teacher will want to help you too.

They might not know that you get migraines, so it’s important that they are told.

Your mum, dad or carer can tell them – and so can you.

Other adults

You might need help with your migraine when you aren’t with your family or at school. It could be when you are with your friends and their family, or at an activity.

Tell them if you feel unwell. Tell them what you can.

You may need to tell them what you usually do when you feel unwell. Your mum, dad or carer may have told them about this already. Or you could tell them that your mum, dad or carer knows what to do.

Do you need help telling them?

Here’s how you can tell them about your migraines, what they are like and what they are making you feel – click here!