How to tell people about migraine

How you can tell people about migraine

It can sometimes be hard for other people who don’t have migraine to understand what they are like.

Here are three things you can do to help them understand what your migraine is like.

You can do them yourself. Or, you can get an adult to help such as your mum, dad, carer, teacher or doctor.

  • Think about how you are feeling

First of all……..

Think about your head. Is it sore? Where is it sore? How painful is it, a little or a lot?

Think about your tummy. Does it feel different to how it normally feels? Is it sore or do you feel sick?

Think about your body. Are you sore or feel different anywhere else? Can you stand or do you want to sit or lie down? Do you feel tired?

Think about where you are. How do you feel about the room you are in or place you are? Does it feel too bright or too dark? Is it too hot or cold?

  • Tell them

Now you can………

Tell them about your migraine, where it hurts and how it hurts.

You can use your own words. If your head feels like it has ice on it, tell them. Or, if the sun feels too big and bright, you can tell them that too. It will help them understand.

  • Show them

You can show them too……..

Point to all the places that you feel pain, sick, or just different from how you normally feel.

If you don’t have the words, drawing a picture of where you hurt or what the pain feels like can help them understand it.

Tell them all you know

Sometimes adults and children have lots of questions about your migraine.

It’s okay for them to ask. It’s okay too if you don’t know the answers.

Here are some things that you could tell them:

  • It’s not my fault that I get migraine. Some people get them and some don’t, the same way some people have blue eyes and some have brown.
  • There can be things that give you a migraine and they are different for different people. This can be being hungry, thirsty or tired. Let them know if you know what gives you a migraine.
  • Tell them how you feel about your migraine. If it makes you sad, tired, or if you don’t care. There is no wrong or right, it’s how you feel.

Don’t forget that migraine is only one part of you! There are foods you like, places you like to go, games you enjoy, films and songs you love.

Yes, you get migraine from time to time, but that is only one small part of you!