What it’s like to grow up with migraine

You are not alone. Lots of boys and girls have migraine. Here is Joel's story.

How Joel is growing up with migraine

Joel, who gets migraines

“It was really bad before I got some medication which helped a bit but I still get them and when they come it feels like my head is going to burst.

“I missed a lot of school last year because of my migraines and I couldn’t do the things I enjoy such as football and dancing and that made me sad.”

What helps me

Joel with his brother and sister

“To stop me having them so much I have to remember to take my tablets. 

“I get sensitive to the lights so I lie in bed in the dark and try to sleep. Sometimes this helps but other times it doesn’t.

“If it happens at school I ask to take my medicine but usually mummy or daddy has to come collect me to take me home.”

What I would you say to other children with migraine that I think might help them 

Joel still has lots of fun

“When you get a migraine do not look at screens. Try to have a rest to ease the symptoms.

“Try not to worry about school as teachers are usually helpful when they understand what is wrong.

“Keep trying with different doctors until you find one who understands and will let you try different things. It took nearly 2 years for me to get the right medicine but it is much better now I have it.

Meet Phoebe, Joel’s sister

Joel with his sister, Phoebe

You can read about how Phoebe helps Joel with his migraines by clicking here.