Whether you are an employer, a colleague or someone who lives with migraine yourself, we have resources to help

Migraine is most common among adults of working age and effects 1 in 7 of the population. It can impact working life but this can be significantly reduced if people with migraine are supported at work.

We have plenty of resources for employers and colleagues who want to support those they are working with, as well as guidance for people who are living with migraine themselves. You can check out stories of people navigating the workplace with migraine, like Esther, who found herself hiding the impact that migraine has had on her in her career.

Signing up to our Migraine in the Workplace pledge, will demonstrate your commitment to improving the workplace experience for people living with migraine. When you sign up, you’ll receive an internal communications pack with assets and wording to share with staff, as well as regular updates with tips on how to support staff with migraine and other ways to get involved.