Migraine training for your workplace

Migraine is most common among adults of working age and effects 1 in 7 of the population. It can impact working life but this can be significantly reduced if people with migraine are supported at work.

We deliver information and support sessions on migraine for employees, HR and leadership teams. We will work with you to find the best way to support your employees with migraine to stay in work.

43,000,000 days are lost from work or school each year in the UK because of migraine

£9,000,000,000 of output lost from absenteeism and presenteeism per year in the UK

Migraine training for your workplace

Book a migraine awareness session for your staff. Delivered on site or remotely our team will provide key information about migraine and how it affects people in different ways. We will cover common migraine triggers and practical steps that can help to support those with migraine in the workplace.

We will also provide an internal communications guide with resources and tips to raise awareness of migraine in the workplace

£500 (plus any travel costs) covers the planning and delivery of this 1 hour session which includes time for questions

Bespoke migraine training

Create your own package to suit the needs of your workplace. We can provide a combination of the below or develop a bespoke package. Get in touch to see how we can help your organisation become a more supportive and inclusive space for employees with migraine:

  • A migraine awareness session for all staff, delivered remotely or on site
  • A separate session tailored to Line Managers
  • Focused training on topics include Migraine and Mental Health, Migraine and Hormones, Migraine in Men, Migraine in Women
  • Resources to use in the workplace including an internal communications guide, toolkit and factsheets
  • Bespoke support and guidance for your organisation

"I thought the speakers were both really engaging and the written material was well presented and easy to follow. The content was really informative and even as a migraine sufferer I learnt a lot."

Home Office employee who attended a workplace migraine awareness session

Get in contact to book a session or to discuss the needs of your organisation

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“I grew tired of questions and comments such as - I don’t understand why a headache is lasting more than a day?, have you ever been told that you shouldn’t be working full time?”