Migraine Trust International Symposium

Our biannual international conference

We hold an international symposium every two years, bringing together the world’s leading experts on headache and migraine to share latest research findings and discuss current trends in treatment and prevention.

The 19th Migraine Trust International Symposium (MTIS) will take place 5-8 September 2024, London

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First held in 1976, MTIS is the world’s longest established headache conference.

We have always striven to place clinicians and scientists interested in headache together at a meeting run by our most important stakeholder: headache patients, particularly with migraine, and those who care for them.

Discoveries in mechanisms, new treatments and information on the impacts of migraine affect all attendees, so our meetings have always attracted an international attendance.

For MTIS 2024, we will provide an outstanding scientific programme, including enriching teaching courses and a platform to present the latest research. As part of our commitment to our patient and advocate community, a public programme on the final afternoon will offer an opportunity to connect and disseminate knowledge to a wider audience, raising awareness and understanding of migraine-related challenges and presenting a synopsis of the Symposium content.

Industry-driven satellites will showcase new and exciting therapies, providing valuable insights into cutting-edge advancements, pioneering therapies, and innovations in the field. These symposia will offer expert content, foster collaboration and inspire progress in migraine research and patient care.

Save the date and register your interest to join us for MTIS2024 for a truly extraordinary and transformative scientific meeting.

Together, let us create a meeting that advances our collective mission of alleviating the burden of migraine and improving the lives of those affected.

We look forward to seeing you in London.