Do you have experience of working or seeking work with a chronic pain condition?

Focus group participants sought

A research team at the University of Aberdeen would like to understand how chronic pain impacts on people’s work.

To do this, they are inviting people to take part in focus groups as part of a research project called the QUICK Study.

These focus groups are one part of a series of projects which will help them to develop a questionnaire to assess the different ways people are impacted at work because of their chronic pain.

To help them develop the questionnaire, they would like to invite people to share their experiences of work and how it is affected by their chronic pain. They would also like to ask about how well existing questionnaires address these impacts.

If you have chronic pain and are in paid employment or if you wish to be in paid work, they would like to invite you to take part in a focus group about your experiences that will last around two hours.

Participants will be given a £20 shopping voucher to thank them for their time given to the study.

Please go to their website to learn more about the study and to register your interest here.