What you can do to help with your migraine

Do you keep a diary?

If you have migraine, you can keep a special kind of diary. You can write or draw what you do and how you feel every day. You can get a grown-up to help you.

Each day, answer these questions in your diary:

  • What did I eat and drink today?
  • What time did I go to bed and wake up?
  • Do I feel worried?
  • Did I do any sports or games?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • Did I watch TV, play videogames or play games on my iPad/tablet?

Then, answer these questions about how you feel:

  • Does my head or tummy hurt?
  • Do I feel sick or have I been sick?
  • Am I sleepy?
  • Am I dizzy?
  • Have I seen spots, wiggles or bright lights?
  • Do I feel different?

Your diary will be very helpful for your doctor. Your doctor will be able to help you have fewer migraines.

Remember your bucket of migraine triggers from earlier?

One way we can stop migraines is by stopping the bucket from getting full.

So, if you woke up really early and are very tired AND you are feeling worried today, your bucket is almost full.

Your mission is to try to not add more triggers to it.

You could drink lots of water, have a nap or wear your sunhat if the sun is shining brightly.

Take your time

Sometimes avoiding triggers means missing parties or football practice, or going to bed early. That can feel rubbish, but it’s OK.

We all have to miss out on fun sometimes, and it means you will be supercharged for football next week!

Even superheroes need to stop and rest sometimes!

It’s all about taking your time, and not trying to do too much.