What it’s like to have a brother with migraine

Many children and young people who don't have migraine do have a sister or brother that do. Phoebe's brother Joel has migraine and she shares what it's like for her here.

Phoebe’s story

Phoebe with her brother Joel

What is it like having a brother who has migraine?

“I find it scary as mummy had to keep taking him to the hospital.”

Are you able to help him with his migraine and what do you do if you can?

“I help to get his medicine and I make sure I stay away from him when he is resting. I try to keep quiet when he is poorly and I bring him snacks and drinks.”

What would you say to other children who have a brother or sister who has migraine that you think would help them?

“Only do things if they ask you too when they aren’t feeling well. They hopefully will find the right medicine for them and when they do it will make things easier and better.”

Phoebe and Joel still have lots of fun together

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