The Migraine Trust’s Workplace Pledge

Could your organisation do more to support staff with migraine?

Support your employees with migraine: Sign The Migraine Trust’s workplace pledge

Migraine affects around one in seven people and is most common among adults of working age. It can have a huge impact on working life.

An estimated £9,000,000,000 of output is lost from migraine absenteeism and presenteeism per year in the UK, but this can be significantly reduced if people with migraine are supported at work.

With some adjustments and support from an employer, many people can work effectively with migraine.

We’re calling on employers to take our pledge for the one in seven of their employees with migraine. By signing our workplace pledge, your organisation is demonstrating that it understands migraine can impact working life, and is taking the first step to ensuring people with migraine are supported at work.

Help create a culture where staff living with condition feel understood and supported in their employment.

Check out our suggested list of actions your workplace can take. We ask you to complete as many as you can, and will check in with you after a year to see how it’s going.

Sign The Migraine Trust’s pledge now.

• Communicate your pledge to all staff to support the creation of a workplace where employees with migraine feel able to come forward to ask for the any reasonable adjustments or support they need

• Sharing The Migraine Trust information resources with staff, through formats such as posters in the workplace, or via internal communications/intranets

• Making The Migraine Trust’s Migraine in the Workplace toolkit available for staff to access (for example via the organisation’s intranet)

• Booking a Managing Your Migraine at Work presentation to raise awareness of migraine, common triggers and managing it in the workplace

• Reviewing and addressing (as needed), common environmental triggers in the workplace, such as types of lighting in use, noise levels, stress and breaks

• Ensuring there is access to a quiet room staff can go if they are experiencing migraine symptoms

• Reviewing key policies (such as sickness policies, display screen policies) to ensure they align with best practice for supporting staff with migraine

• Get involved with Migraine Awareness Week every September. Whether you decide to fundraise or use our resources to support the campaign, it’s a great opportunity to show your commitment

• Offer flexible working, where possible, to enable staff to manage where and when they work

• Add in a migraine action plan to keep track of how migraine is affecting staff members as part of their appraisals

• Nominating a named contact to provide an annual update to The Migraine Trust on actions that have been taken to demonstrate our commitment.

By signing the pledge you will:

  • Be able to demonstrate to current and prospective staff that you are committed to supporting their needs
  • Be able to use our pledge logo to show your commitment
  • Get a quarterly email with resources and ideas to increase awareness of migraine in your workplace as well as details of upcoming events and ways to get involved!
  • Receive a digital awareness pack with factsheets on migraine, including our Migraine at Work toolkit to raise awareness in the workplace

Take The Migraine Trust Workplace Pledge

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    Please confirm if you would like to receive our monthly ebulletin. You’ll be able to hear more about what The Migraine Trust is doing to help people affected by migraine, the latest news about campaigns, migraine research and treatments. Our ebulletin is monthly, though we may send a few additional emails throughout the year to let you know about important news, information events or for administration purposes.

Take your support further

Perhaps you have taken our workplace pledge and are wondering what the next step is, or perhaps your organisation is ready to implement some more advanced or tailored changes to support staff with migraine.

Book a migraine awareness session for your staff. Delivered on site or remotely our team will provide key information about migraine and how it affects people in different ways. We will cover common migraine triggers and practical steps that can help to support those with migraine in the workplace. Find out more

We can help you to go further in your journey to becoming a migraine confident employer! In addition to the benefits of our workplace training package, with this option you’ll receive:

  • Migraine Awareness for Line Managers training, AND;
  • Bespoke sessions (topics include Migraine and Mental Health, Migraine and Hormones)*.
  • Co-branded resources to use in your workplace.
  • More bespoke support and guidance for your organisation.


“Never had a session like this in a workplace before, so really interesting and has been invaluable thank you!”

Attendee of ‘Managing Your Migraine at Work' session