How we’re doing

Access our latest accounts and see where our money goes

Impact report and annual review for the year

Find out what we’ve been up and the impact it has had. Our financial year  runs from February to January and we also publish our audited accounts.

Where our money comes from

We are a charity and our income is mainly based on donations from people, which is a mixture of direct donations, fundraising for us, or leaving money in their Will. We are very grateful for these donations as they enable us to continue our work in helping people with migraine.

We also receive money from trusts and foundations, pharmaceutical and device sponsorship, investment income, and finance services provided to headache charities.

Where our money goes

We keep administration costs to a minimum.

For every £1 that we spend, 84p goes on charitable expenditure.

All donations and money raised in support of The Migraine Trust helps the charity to carry out work towards three main aims.

A large part of our work focuses on improving access to good quality information about migraine, increasing awareness and understanding, and increasing the ability of sufferers to make informed decisions.

We produce and distribute evidence-based information and facilitate discussion about migraine. To achieve this we:

  • provide an Information Service
  • organise ‘Managing Your Migraine’ information events
  • and further share information through outreach events, our popular website, social media and regular ebulletins.

We carry out policy and campaigning work that aims to position migraine as a serious public health issue. We engage with employers, education providers, the health sector, parliamentarians and relevant bodies in order to challenge misunderstandings and promote good practice.

Since 1965 we have sought to understand migraine better so that we can improve treatment and management and, ultimately, find a cure. We champion migraine research and are the only charity actively funding such research in leading UK academic institutions.

In order to strengthen the migraine knowledge base, we promote the dissemination of research results and support people working in the field of neurology and headache by, for example, hosting a biennial meeting called MTIS (Migraine Trust International Symposium).

Through lobbying government, funders and the health sector we promote investment in research to further improve our understanding of migraine.