Our work

Our strategic goals and organisational values

We are here to help people with migraine

The Migraine Trust is dedicated to helping people affected by migraine. We are the only UK migraine charity providing information and support, campaigning for awareness and change, and funding and promoting research.

One in seven people in the UK live with migraine, and this complex and debilitating neurological disorder significantly affects their lives. We have been leading and bringing the migraine community together to change this since 1965.

Every year over two million people visit our website and thousands contact our helplines for information and support on all aspects of migraine and for help in managing it at work, in education, and in accessing healthcare.

We campaign for increased awareness and understanding of migraine, and nationalpolicy change to improve the lives of people who get it.

We have funded over 140 medical research projects and hold an international symposium every two years to bring together the world’s leading experts on migraine.

Our strategic goals

  • Help find a cure – play a major role in encouraging new research and treatment to alleviate the symptoms and impairment caused by migraine and ultimately to find a cure.
  • Ensure every single person with migraine – no matter who they are or where they come from – gets an accurate, timely diagnosis and access to the best possible information, care and treatment and has the same legal protections as other disabled people.
  • Build an active and supportive community of people affected by migraine – this community would act as both a source of support and a movement for change.

Our organisational values

Our organisational values are the most important thing to us. All our decisions and actions are guided by our values, which are:

  • Integrity – we are trustworthy, transparent, honest and impartial
  • Inspiring – we make things happen, we are forward thinking and are leaders in our field
  • Knowledgeable – we use and share evidence and up to date research findings
  • Listen – everything we do is based on the experiences of people affected by migraine
  • Ambitious – we are committed and demand better
  • Community – we bring the migraine community together