Our work

Our strategic goals and organisational values

We are here to help people with migraine

The Migraine Trust is dedicated to helping people affected by migraine. We are the only UK migraine charity providing information and support, campaigning for awareness and change, and funding and promoting research.

One in seven people in the UK live with migraine, and this complex and debilitating neurological disorder significantly affects their lives. We have been leading and bringing the migraine community together to change this since 1965.

Every year over two million people visit our website and thousands contact our helplines for information and support on all aspects of migraine and for help in managing it at work, in education, and in accessing healthcare.

We campaign for increased awareness and understanding of migraine, and national policy change to improve the lives of people who get it.

We have funded over 140 medical research projects and hold an international symposium every two years to bring together the world’s leading experts on migraine.

Migraine is heart-breaking for migraine sufferers and affects all areas of life. From always feeling like you’re letting people down, not knowing if a plan or event made will be able to happen (until it happens), thinking about a family, feeling like you are a shadow of your former self, and feeling guilty about missing work – it never goes away.

Megan who lives with migraine

Our purpose

Working together to beat migraine

Our vision

A world where migraine doesn’t stop anyone from living the life they want

Our mission

Everyone with migraine deserves the best possible care and treatment and support. We invest in research, campaign for long term improvements and address the stigma and misunderstanding that currently exists. No one with migraine should feel alone and we are here at every step

Our strategic goals

People: Empowering through practical help

No one should face migraine alone or have to fight to get the answers they need. We provide answers, help explore options, build confidence and provide emotional support. We aim to be there for everyone who needs us, when they need us.

Society: Improving understanding and reducing inequalities

The way society views migraine needs to change. That change needs to happen across the life course so that the perception of migraine as an excuse or ‘just a headache’ is gone. This includes better understanding how migraine can impact other physical and mental health conditions.

Health systems: Leading and co-ordinating change

Few people with migraine have a simple experience of healthcare. From symptoms being dismissed or misdiagnosed to long waiting lists and delays in accessing treatments that work. At the same time our healthcare system faces immense challenges and those working within in it do not have the resources they need. Change is needed at every level.

Evidence: Championing research and innovation

We are proud of our long history of investing in research. Our current focus is supporting the next generation of migraine researchers. We want the best talent to build careers in headache and work towards improved outcomes for people living with migraine now and in the future.

Movement for change

To support the delivery of our strategy we must be in the most stable and effective position. This means bringing in the best ideas, nurturing the best people, having the right tools and most importantly funds to be the charity we aspire to be.

Our organisational values

All of our decisions and actions are guided by our values:

  • People first: The needs of those we work with are central to everything we do
  • Evidenced: Every decision we make is evidence based and supports the change we need
  • Ambitious: We strive to achieve more than we could imagine
  • Collaborative: By working together we can achieve so much more
  • Empowering: We build confidence to achieve positive change