Recommended doses for triptans

Drug Formulation StrengthSingle doseMaximum in 24 hours
AlmotriptanTablet 12.5 mg12.5 mg25 mg
EletriptanTablet40 mg40 mg80 mg
FrovatriptanTablet2.5 mg2.5 mg5 mg
NaratriptanTablet2.5 mg2.5 mg5 mg
RizatriptanTablet 5 mg/10 mg10 mg20 mg
RizatriptanOrodispers10 mg10 mg20 mg
RizatriptanLyophilisate10 mg10 mg20 mg
SumatriptanTablet50 mg/100 mg 100mg/200 mg50-100 mg 10-20 mg300 mg
SumatriptanSpray6 mg6 mg12 mg
SumatriptanInjection3mg3 mg6 mg
ZolmitriptanTablet2.5 mg/5 mg5 mg10 mg
ZolmitriptanOrodispers2.5 mg/5 mg5 mg10 mg
ZolmitriptanSpray50 mg/ml5 mg10 mg

(Tables taken from the British Association for the Study of Headache’s National Headache Management System for Adults 2019)