Recommended doses for simple analgesics and antiemetics

Simple analgesics

DrugDoseMaximum daily dose
Aspirin600-1000 mg (UK doses are 300-900 mg)4000 mg (for oral dosing)
Diclofenac25 mg150 mg
Ibuprofen400-600 mg2400 mg
Ketoprofen75-150 mg150 mg
Naproxen250 mg1000 mg
Paracetemol1000 mg4000 mg
Tolfenamic Acid200 mg400 mg


DrugDoseMaximum daily doseInformation
Domperidone10 mg 30 mg Safety alert *
Prochlorperazine10 mg30 mg
Metoclopramide10 mg30 mgSafety alert **

Safety alert *

Safety alert **

(Tables taken from the British Association for the Study of Headache’s National Headache Management System for Adults 2019)