Two new fellowships launched

Support for early career clinicians or scientists in undertaking migraine research

14th November 2022

The Migraine Trust is pleased to announce that we have launched two new fellowships.

They have been set up to support the development of early career clinicians or scientists to undertake clinical or fundamental scientific research in headache disorders. Financial support has been provided to The Migraine Trust as a grant from Pfizer Ltd. We are now receiving applications for the fellowships and invite eligible candidates to apply.

Support for research

Migraine research is key to improving the lives of people with migraine and that’s why it is an important focus of our work. From funding migraine research to holding our biennial research symposium, we are dedicated to supporting increased understanding of migraine and the development of new treatments.

The importance and benefits of migraine research can be seen in the recent research breakthroughs that led to the creation of the first medication designed to prevent migraine.

However, there is still too much that isn’t known about migraine and migraine remains a critically underfunded topic of research. It is the least publicly funded of all neurological illnesses relative to its economic impact.

Making this research possible

“We are grateful to Pfizer Ltd for their financial support grant for the fellowships. Not only will these projects support the vital research into migraine but it will also offer a continued career path for the best young clinicians and scientists to remain in the field of headache and migraine.”

Rob Music, Chief Executive of The Migraine Trust

Rob Music, Chief Executive of The Migraine Trust

The Migraine Trust Fellowship recipients

To learn about the neuroscientists awarded The Migraine Trust Fellowships and their projects that seek to learn more about the role of hormones in migraine click here.