Survey launched to capture the impact of migraine on mental health

The Migraine Trust wants to better understand how migraine can impact mental health to inform our work and develop our support services.

22nd May 2024

Help us to understand more about the impact of migraine on mental health.

You can take part in our survey to share your experience of how living with migraine has impacted your mental health here.

Some of the questions cover sensitive topics including suicide. Please take care of yourself while completing this survey.

The survey is anonymous and takes around 8 minutes to complete. Your responses may be used in our work including in reports.

If you need support or would like to discuss any aspect of migraine or mental health, our team is here for you.

The impact of migraine on mental health

71% of men said they have felt depressed as a result of their migraine

76% of women said migraine has made them feel anxious or worried

34% of people living with migraine have felt discriminated against at work due to their migraine