Lauren’s long walk to help people with migraine

Lauren lives with hemiplegic migraine

3rd June 2021

Good luck and a huge thank you to Lauren Williams from Wrexham, who will take to the hills of her local area to help people with migraine. She and her family and friends will walk ten miles through Wrexham’s hills on 12 June to raise funds for The Migraine Trust.

She wants to help people with migraine because she personally knows the serious impact that migraine has on people’s lives.

Lauren lives with hemiplegic migraine which involves a temporary weakness on one side of her body as part of her migraine attack, in addition to head pain. This involves her face, arm and leg, and is accompanied by numbness and pins and needles. It has seriously affected her life and she wants to help other people living with migraine.

If you would like to support Lauren’s fundraising and help people affected by migraine you can make a donation on her fundraising page.

“The reason I’m doing this is to raise awareness of migraine and funds to help people with it. This is a debilitating condition, raising awareness and giving support will hopefully help others.”


“We are in awe and so grateful to Lauren and her family and friends for undertaking this long walk to help people affected by migraine. She is an inspiration and as she herself knows, migraine is debilitating and painful and affects many aspects of a person’s life. Not only are they raising vital funds that will help support people with migraine and fund crucial migraine research, they are raising awareness of this often misunderstood brain disease. We wish them well on the walk and a very long rest afterwards.”

Rob Music, chief executive of The Migraine Trust