“Even small sounds are like a cacophony – I just take my cochlear implant off”

Laura tells us about navigating life with migraine as a deaf person with Usher syndrome

19th March 2024

Experiencing migraine as a deaf person

Below, Laura shares her story in British Sign Language (BSL), of living with migraine alongside Usher syndrome.

Usher syndrome is a genetic condition that causes hearing loss, sight loss and balance problems. If you would like more information on the condition, Sense have some useful resources.

Laura tells us about her experience of visual aura symptoms, which for her present an additional barrier to the sight loss she lives with due to Usher syndrome. We also learn about the sensory impacts Laura experiences during a migraine attack, including sensitivity to sound.

Other useful resources

For more information on Usher syndrome: Sense website

For more information about hearing loss: RNID website

For more information on sight loss and dual sensory loss: RNIB website