Donna’s charity golf day for people with migraine

16th June 2022

Penwortham Golf Club’s Lady Captain, Donna Brookes, recently raised thousands of pounds to help people with migraine through an exciting charity golf day on 29 May. Donna, who lives with migraine herself, has chosen The Migraine Trust, the UK’s leading migraine charity, as her charity of the year for 2022.

Penwortham Golf Club’s Charity Day is a key event in local golfers’ diaries and this year it involved a silent auction, raffle, beat the pro competition and more. The day raised over £4,000 for The Migraine Trust and Galloway’s Society for the Blind, a local sight loss charity chosen by the club’s Mr Captain Ray Lewis. Donna will also be doing a charity skydive on July 28.

Donna fundraising at the golf club

Donna lives with chronic migraine which is where you have a headache on at least 15 days each month, with eight of these having migraine symptoms. Symptoms of a migraine attack include headache, nausea, visual disturbances and dizziness.

“I want to raise money for The Migraine Trust because the charity has been a great source of support to me and I want to give back. In addition to raising money to help people living with migraine, I also hope to spread awareness and understanding of migraine, as it’s so much more than the headache people think it is.

“The condition has had a huge impact on my life – I was lost my career with the civil service after 25 years as a result of my condition. I know it might sound dramatic, but there have been many times when my migraine has been at its worst and I’ve begged for it to be a brain haemorrhage and just be done with it.

“Nowadays my migraine is much more manageable, but I still get about 12 migraine attacks a month. I have had to force myself to slow down a bit, working part-time helps and I now feel that migraine is part of me, but doesn’t define me anymore.”

Donna Brookes

Donna on the golf course

“We are so grateful to Donna for selecting The Migraine Trust as her charity of the year and generously helping people affected by migraine. She is an inspiration and as she herself knows, migraine is debilitating and painful and affects many aspects of a person’s life.

“Not only is Donna raising crucial funds that will help support our work and those affected by migraine, she’s also raising awareness of this often misunderstood brain disease. We wish her all the very best for her skydive next month!”

Rob Music, Chief Executive of The Migraine Trust

Rob Music, Chief Executive of The Migraine Trust

You can support Donna’s skydive at her fundraising page here.