Celebrating March for Migraine 2022

4th April 2022

Last month, 25 people marched, hopped, skipped and jogged their way to 300,000 steps to raise money to support people with migraine. Our inaugural March for Migraine challenge turned out to be a great success, with an impressive total of £2,890 raised by a group of dedicated Marchers.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part!

300,000 steps, which equates to almost 10,000 steps per day and a whopping 150 miles in total, is no mean feat. Many of our Marchers live with migraine themselves and we know how hard it must have been to take on the challenge with frequent migraine attacks getting in the way. Even if your migraine stopped you getting to 300,000 steps in March, we’re so grateful you took part!

Marching with Migraine

Thanks to everyone who shared your experiences of living with migraine as you marched – we loved your tweets and saw some great coverage in local news. Every voice helps to raise awareness in society of this often misunderstood yet hugely debilitating condition.

“My migraine has changed my life completely... I have chronic migraines, up to 12 a month and manage them with diet, medication and lifestyle choices. It's hard because they've affected my jobs, social life, and relationships. I've always leant on charities like The Migraine Trust to help me with the challenging days! It’s nice to give something back, and to raise awareness for something that is truly close to my heart.” 


Headshot of Sophie who has black and red hair

“I wanted to take part in March for Migraine to raise awareness of how disabling and debilitating migraines are. I had an explosion of migraines in 2018 and haven’t had a break from them yet. I’m unable to work in the job I love (Consultant Paediatrician) and prior to becoming unwell had no idea how common and disabling migraines are.


Headshot of Ingrid who has curly brown hair.

"I’ve suffered from migraine attacks for as long as I remember and they’ve never been taken seriously by professionals until quite recently. I came across The Migraine Trust and signed up to their newsletter hoping for some more information about how to deal with them. In a recent newsletter, there was a bit about March for Migraine and I thought it’s such a good opportunity to raise some money for a great cause."


Headshot of Lisa who has black hair tied back and a burgundy jacket

7.5 million steps later

Together our Marchers have walked an immense 3,750 miles in just one month, which is further than the distance from London to Washington, DC!

There’s still time to support the Marchers for Migraine if you’d like to – you can find the official Just Giving page here.

If you feel inspired to do a step challenge or another type of event to raise money for people with migraine, we’d love to hear from you! Our friendly fundraising team can provide you with support, fundraising tips and a The Migraine Trust exercise vest. You can drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch.

If you’d like to get involved in next year’s March for Migraine challenge, watch this space!