Becky’s marathon run to help people with migraine

Becky lives with chronic migraine

30th September 2021

Good luck and thank you to Becky Gane who is running the London marathon on Sunday to help people living with migraine. She will run 26 miles through London to raise funds for The Migraine Trust. Becky is also running three other marathons this year for the charity.

Becky, who is from Northamptonshire, is supporting The Migraine Trust because she personally knows the serious impact that migraine has on people’s lives as she lives with chronic migraine. Chronic migraine is where you have a headache on at least 15 days each month, with eight of these having migraine symptoms.

If you would like to help people affected by migraine you can support Becky’s fundraising for The Migraine Trust through her fundraising page.

“I have suffered with migraine and other kinds of headaches since my teens. So getting the opportunity to be able to run the London marathon for this amazing charity is a privilege and a personal challenge. It’s important to me to raise not only much needed funds for The Migraine Trust but also awareness around migraine, as so many people are unaware about how debilitating migraines are or how they affect sufferers day to day life.”

Becky Gane

“We are in awe and so grateful to Becky for taking on this challenge to help people affected by migraine. She is an inspiration and as she herself knows, migraine is debilitating and painful and affects many aspects of a person’s life. Not only is Becky raising vital funds that will help support our vital work and those affected by, she’s also raising awareness of this often misunderstood brain disease. We wish her well on her run and a very long rest afterwards.”

Rob Music, chief executive of The Migraine Trust