Community pharmacy

How your local pharmacy can help you manage your migraine

What is a community pharmacy and what services do they offer?

Community pharmacy is the most accessible NHS service in the country. Community pharmacies:

  • Dispense prescriptions
  • Provide information and advice from experts on medicines and health conditions
  • Help people make healthier lifestyle choices

Many community pharmacies offer extended opening hours and weekend services to help people seeking health and self-care advice.

Pharmacists are experts not only on the safe and effective use of medicines but in the management of a variety of conditions. They are also able to signpost people to the appropriate service that will meet their particular needs.

How community pharmacies can support people with migraine

Most community pharmacies are able to discuss symptoms, to understand the type of headache you have and to recommend the best treatment. They often have private consultation rooms for this.

Community pharmacists also help patients to manage their own health with the right diagnosis, advice, treatment and where applicable support them through necessary life style changes.