Why support The Migraine Trust

Why your support is needed and what it enables us to do

Why we need your support

Migraine is a complex and debilitating neurological disorder that affects one in seven people. Ten million people in the UK alone live with migraine.

It is one of the most disabling lifetime conditions. Many people struggle for years to manage their migraine and the serious impact that it has on their work, family and social lives.

Yet migraine is one of the most misunderstood and underfunded medical conditions in modern medicine. It is often trivialised – it does not attract the understanding or attributed seriousness as comparable conditions.

The Migraine Trust is working to change this.


The difference your support will make

We are a very small charity with eight staff members but we have had a significant impact on what it means to live with migraine since we were founded in 1965.

Give information and support to people with migraine


Our information and guidance on all aspects of migraine has helped tens of thousands through our support services and millions through our website. We now have over two million people using our website each year to learn more about migraine and how to manage it.

Fund migraine research that improves migraine knowledge and treatments

We have funded over 140 research projects that have led to a far greater understanding of the mechanisms and causes of migraine, and played a crucial role in the development of new treatments. This includes research that identified pain nerves in the head as being crucial targets for migraine treatment, paving the way for triptans to move from a blood vessel to a brain target.

Be the voice of people with migraine and make the world easier for people living with it

We have been at the forefront of developing solutions for many of the problems that people with migraine face in their daily lives. Our forthcoming ‘State of the Migraine Nation’ report will identify the emerging issues that matter most to people with migraine today, and seek to draw our community together around a series of campaigning priorities for the future.