Leave a gift in your Will

How your legacy can change the lives of people with migraine

One in seven people in the UK live with migraine, and this complex and debilitating neurological disorder significantly affects their lives.

The Migraine Trust is dedicated to helping people with migraine. We are the only UK migraine charity providing information and support, campaigning for awareness and change, and funding and promoting research.

A gift in your Will enables us to plan for the future with confidence, enabling us to provide vital support to people living with migraine now, and funding medical research that we hope will make a significant difference in the future.

Your legacy to people with migraine

By leaving a gift in your Will to The Migraine Trust, you will help ensure that we can:

Carry on funding and supporting migraine research

  • We still don’t know why people get migraine and how to cure it. Your legacy will support research that seeks to find new treatments, and we hope one day a cure, that will significantly improve the lives of people with migraine.
  • We have funded over 140 medical research projects and hold an international symposium every two years to bring together the world’s leading experts on migraine where ideas and knowledge are shared in order to progress medical research progress in the migraine field more rapidly.

Continue helping people with migraine

  • Your legacy will ensure that our information and support team are there to listen, to answer questions and to give quality advice that makes a positive difference to people’s quality of life.
  • Every year over two million people visit our website and thousands contact our helplines for information and support on all aspects of migraine and for help in managing it at work, in education, and in accessing healthcare.

Keep raising awareness of migraine and increasing understanding of it

  • There are many myths and misunderstandings about migraine, and it is often dismissed as are people living with it. Your legacy will give them a voice.
  • Our campaigns focus on raising awareness and increasing understanding of migraine, and national policy changes that improve the lives of people who live with it.

Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to The Migraine Trust

To find out how The Migraine Trust can support you in leaving a gift in your Will, you can download our free information pack below.