Volunteering opportunities

Corporate volunteering allows your employees the chance to connect with us and provides a great environment for creative thinking and collaborative working.

Not only can this develop team relationships, but it can help your colleagues to connect with The Migraine Trust and really understand who we are and what we do.

As a small team of only 12, our opportunities may be limited but we would be happy discuss your objectives and build a bespoke programme for you, to harness your skills and knowledge and maximise the efforts of our small team.

At present we are unable to offer opportunities within our service delivery team that communicates directly with the public. However, you may be able to help out at local Managing Your Migraine in person events.

Our fundraising team would be delighted to support you should you be able to volunteer to host a bucket collection at a local supermarket, train station or racecourse (to name a few).

If you are looking for something that gets you out in the open a bit more, then you could be part of a ‘cheering squad’ at various events around the country, to encourage and support those taking part in challenges and events, and to give them a little boost enroute.