Give as you earn or payroll giving

Not everyone enjoys running a local marathon or wants to climb Mount Everest! For those who would still like to support without breaking a sweat then Payroll Giving is a great alternative.

Monthly donations, of any amount, are invaluable because consistent donations help us to plan our support services.

If you are an employee and wish to make a regular donation direct through your pay then you can find more information and an employee form here.

Donations cost you at least 20% less as they’re taken direct from your pre tax pay, so if you want to donate £10 a month, it only costs you £8.

If you are an employer and wish to offer Payroll Giving to your employees then you can find more information about the benefits, promotion ideas, and how to register here.

Payroll Giving schemes are simple to set up, very easy to manage and tax friendly. It shows a commitment to your employees and the causes that they care about, boosting morale, retention and recruitment. Donations can also be split between multiple causes.

If you already have a scheme in place then you can find more resources and help on how to promote it here.