Become a migraine friendly workplace

Migraine is most common among adults of working age and effects 1 in 7 of the population. It can impact working life but this can be significantly reduced if people with migraine are supported at work.

People with migraine often need only a little help from their employer, but this small amount of support can be decisive in enabling them to work effectively with migraine.

Get in touch today and support your workforce who are living with migraine.

We can arrange information and support sessions on migraine for your employees, HR and leadership teams, across the country. We will work with you to find the best way to support your employees with migraine to stay in work.

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“I grew tired of questions and comments such as - I don’t understand why a headache is lasting more than a day?, have you ever been told that you shouldn’t be working full time?”


“I have a desk-based job which brings up its own difficulties. Visual disturbances come fast and ready when you stare at a computer all day.”


43,000,000 It is estimated that the UK population loses 43 million days from work or school each year because of migraine

47% Migraine/chronic headache was found to be the second most frequently identified cause of short-term absence (47%) for non-manual employees

£9,000,000,000 Absenteeism from migraine alone costs £9 billion per year in the UK

Feedback from people who attended our ‘Managing migraine in the workplace’ events

"I thought the speakers were both really engaging and the written material was well presented and easy to follow. The content was really informative and even as a migraine sufferer I learnt a lot."

Home Office employee

"The session was insightful, helpful and reassuring. The presenters were friendly and supportive. I feel much more confident and knowledgeable about migraine, and about discussing it with others, and supporting team members."

Civil Service employee

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