Wing Walk for Team Migraine

Dare to take to the skies and help people living with debilitating migraine

Want to help improve the lives of people with migraine but running isn’t your thing? Take on the ultimate adrenaline challenge and sign up to do a wing walk to raise vital funds to support people living with debilitating migraine.

Wing walking dates back to the 1920’s and involves walking or moving on the wings of an aeroplane whilst it is in flight. Once reserved for daredevils and stunt performers, now any thrill seeker can take to the skies strapped to a vintage bi-plane for this once in a lifetime experience!

By taking on this challenge you will help bring us one step closer to achieving our goal of a world where migraine doesn’t stop anyone from living the life they want. 

A wing walk is a fantastic way to tick an adrenaline fuelled activity off your bucket list whilst helping people whose lives have been put on hold because of migraine. Nikki took to the skies for us this year to help others like her daughter, Emma.

Fundraising Details

To sign up, you need to pay just £50 registration fee and then pledge to raise £399 (payable six weeks before your wing walk date).

Flights are available between March and October so you have full flexibility in how long you have to fundraise before the big day!

Anything else that you raise will help support people living with migraine and fund vital research.