Swim Challenges for Team Migraine

Make a splash and help people living with migraine

Splash your way through each day to raise cash to help people live with debilitating migraine. Take on a swim challenge for a month to boost your well being and to help raise funds to support people whose lives have been put on hold because of the pain and isolation caused by migraine.

Whether it is your local pool, lido, beach, river or even your shower on its coldest setting, pledging to get in the water each day for a month will make a huge difference for people who live with debilitating migraine.

Click here to register your interest and set up a swim challenge fundraising page.

Your generous support means the world to us and brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of a world where migraine doesn’t stop anyone from living the life they want. 

Rachel Jack found swimming invaluable when it came to managing her migraine. Click the image below to learn more about her journey in managing her migraine.