Snowdon at Sunrise Trek

Take on this epic challenge with a difference this Migraine Awareness Week

Migraine has been dismissed for too long as ‘just a headache’, despite it being a complex and debilitating neurological disorder. We know that for those living with migraine it has a significant impact on their quality of life, impacting their mental health, relationships, education and ability to work.

We believe people with migraine deserve better and no one with migraine should have to cope alone. This Migraine Awareness Week, take on one of our epic walking challenges to raise awareness and vital funds to help people whose lives have been put on hold because of migraine.

Trekking Snowdon is a popular activity during the day. Hiking nine miles and ascending a kilometre is no easy feat. But how about making it even more of a challenge? This Migraine Awareness Week, why not challenge yourself and take part in something extraordinary? You can join #TeamMigraine and take part in this epic Snowdon at Sunrise trek.

Hiking the mountain and reaching the summit by moonlight will be an unforgettable experience, as will seeing the sunrise from the mountain slopes as you descend. Witnessing the unveiling of the spectacular landscapes as the day grows lighter is a magical experience. And you can be a part of it, all whilst helping to raise vital funds to help support people living with debilitating migraine.

About Snowdon

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and England. Its Welsh name, Yr Wyddfa, means tomb or monument. Legend has it that it is the tomb of the ogre Rhita Gawr, who supposedly met his end when King Arthur climbed to the top of Snowdon and killed him. Snowdon is a part of a close-knit family of jagged peaks and offers views across Snowdonia, Anglesey, Pembrokeshire, and Ireland!

Our aim to make sure no one faces migraine alone and we want to make sure everyone has the support and information to help make their migraine less isolating. And we need your help to do it.

Join other supporters this Migraine Awareness Week and take on Snowdon to help us raise awareness of migraine and its impact, as well as raise vital funds to help us support those that live with it.

To take part you just need to pay a £25 registration fee and pledge to raise £200 for people living with debilitating migraine. To guarantee your place, we ask that you raise at least £100 before the event.

Date: Sunday 29 September 2024

Location: Snowdon, Wales

Registration fee: £25

Fundraising target: £200