Skydive for Team Migraine

About the challenge

Imagine yourself exiting from the door of an aircraft from over 2 and a half miles up and freefalling at a speed of 120mph through the clouds, before gliding back down to your envious supporters on the ground below. Skydiving is an unbelievable and exhilarating rush like no other and with no experience required it’s your opportunity to reach for the skies!

  • Time and date: Any time
  • Location: Throughout the UK
  • Registration fee: £70
  • Fundraising target: £450

Jump locations

In return for raising a minimum of £450, The Migraine Trust will pay for your jump and training.

If you’re interested in taking part in a Tandem Skydive and fundraising for The Migraine Trust, Skyline offers the experience at the following places:

  • Auchterarder Dropzone, Perthshire
  • Brackley Dropzone, Oxford
  • Bridlington Dropzone, East Yorkshire
  • Brigg Dropzone, North Lincolnshire
  • Cambridgeshire Dropzone
  • Coleraine Dropzone, near Garvagh in Co. Londonderry
  • Cornwall Dropzone
  • Durham Dropzone, Sunderland
  • Errol Dropzone
  • Grange-over-Sands Dropzone, Cumbria
  • Honiton Dropzone, Devon
  • Lancaster Dropzone
  • Maidstone Dropzone, Kent
  • Norwich Dropzone
  • Nottingham Dropzone
  • Old Sarum Dropzone, Salisbury
  • Salisbury Dropzone
  • St. Andrews Dropzone
  • Swansea Dropzone
  • Swindon Dropzone
  • Whitchurch Dropzone, Shropshire

Click here to apply to do the challenge