19th June 2024

Managing Your Migraine and travelling (event on Instagram)

About the event

Steph and Oscar from our Information and Support team will be running this Instagram event. As the summer (hopefully) approaches many of us will be going on holiday, planning trips and seeing loved ones.

We will be discussing managing migraine when travelling. This includes dealing with busy airports, changes in time zones, disrupted meal and sleep patterns and actually travelling from a to b.

Join us to hear tips on how to help with these issues along with the opportunity to put your questions to the experts.

As ever this event is also an opportunity to hear how others cope with their migraine and any tips they may have on this topic.

  • Time and date: 12.00-1.00pm, 19 June
  • Location: Instagram
  • Registration fee: The event is free to attend. Just head on over to our Instagram page¬† here.