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Better Migraine Care

Our campaign for better migraine healthcare

The need for better migraine healthcare

A new report that we have published reveals the legacy of pain and damaged lives caused by the UK’s broken migraine healthcare system. The report exposes a broken healthcare system which migraine patients struggle to navigate.

This is leading to the worsening of people’s migraine, limiting their ability to carry out their lives with a huge impact on personal relationships, work and mental health. We are calling for an urgent review of migraine healthcare.

The key problems in migraine healthcare that we found

The report, Dismissed for too long, found a wide range of issues with migraine healthcare including waiting years to be diagnosed, to lack of access to specialist care and new treatment.

23% Almost a quarter of people had been experiencing migraine attacks for over two years before they were diagnosed.

26 Only 13 Trusts in England (out of 128 contacted), and 13 Health Boards in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (out of 26), replied and said they had a specialist headache clinic.

25 Only 15 Trusts in England (out of 128 contacted), and 10 Health Boards in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales (out of 26), replied and stated that eligible patients could access CGRP treatment.

Our recommendations on how problems can be addressed

We have set out in the report a range of proposals to be considered in order to address these issues, which includes:

  • Everyone attending primary care for head pain should be assessed for migraine, with the outcome of the assessment recorded as a positive or negative diagnosis of migraine.
  • Support GPs to make an accurate and rapid diagnosis by making migraine treatment and care a core part of junior doctor and GP training.
  • Everyone diagnosed with migraine should receive an individualised care plan, developed closely with them. Regardless of whether medication is prescribed, the individual should have their care plan regularly reviewed at an interval decided with their doctor.
  • Each nation’s department of health should support the recruitment of additional headache specialists and consultant neurologists to bring the UK in line with other European countries.

However, proposing solutions is one step, having those solutions implemented is a much bigger step. Some will be easy to put in place and we would hope that our recommendations will be implemented in the next year.

Whereas other solutions will take several years to achieve.

We need your help

We will need your support for both.

We are raising these issues in the media, and lobbying government and working with the healthcare community to have these recommendations implemented, but you can help us ensure that these messages reach as many people as possible.

How you can support our #BetterMigraineCare campaign

Write to your local newspaper

You can support the campaign by writing a letter to your local newspaper. You can download a template letter to send to them below.

Tell your member of parliament

Write to your MP, and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland residents can also contact their MSP (Scotland), AM (Wales) or MLA (Northern Ireland) in your regional parliament. You can download a template letter to send to them below.