Paediatric (6-17 years) research studies in chronic and episodic migraine

Recruiting 6-17 year olds with either chronic or episodic migraine

Details of trial

Amgen is currently running two migraine paediatric studies in the UK. It is currently recruiting 6-17 year olds with either chronic or episodic migraine.

If you choose to participate, and if the study is right for you, you will be in this study for about seven months where you will receive either investigational medicine or placebo.

Following this, there will be an optional 40-week extension phase during which all patients will receive the investigational medicine.

Find out more

If you would like find out more or would like to take part in this trial, please contact one of the below centres depending on your location. Prior to doing this, we advise that you or your parents speak to your GP regarding the study.

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